Mobile Web Vs Mobile Apps

May - 19

Mobile Web Vs Mobile Apps

Today, mobile is a most demanding gadget in this world. One can easily see the magic of mobile over our new generation. All the time and anywhere, they do not forget to carry their mobile. Therefore, mobile becomes the necessity of our people. Another reason of being it famous is that mobile serve all the purposes namely calling, messaging, chatting with friends, listening music, reading books, surfing internet, and more on. Mobile is not only used for the above mentioned reasons but it also uses for marketing purpose. In this way, mobile is an important for general as well as business people. Today, two terms namely Mobile Web and Mobile Apps are spreading their essence over the world. Let’s discuss these terms in details as below.

What is Mobile Web?

The mobile web refers to the type of a website which is especially designed to use Internet on their mobile with the help of a mobile web browser. In other words, we can say that mobile web enables its users to use Internet by using mobile web browser. This feature is supported on almost in the latest range of mobiles. This feature enables its mobile users to view information on their mobile. They need not to go anywhere for searching any information. With the help of mobile Internet, one can check their mail, compose it, search information, use GPRS, and more on. Mobile web is sometimes also called as mobile website.

Qualities of Mobile Web

Mobile web as the name say that Internet on your finger tips. Mobile web has several qualities as it allows their users to use Internet for searching and transferring information all over the world by using mobile browser. If you think about that what we do with mobile web and how we do it? Then we realize that mobile web is a very powerful feature. Through mobile web, we can open several web pages on their mobile web browser. On the other hand, a particular web page can get the web traffic. This traffic is sometimes very useful but not always. The problem with mobile web is that due to heavy traffic some web pages are not going to be opened and it is also possible that your mobile get hang due to it.

What is Mobile App?

Mobile app refers to a computer generated program which is designed to run only in your mobile. These apps are installed in your mobile and used your mobile memory to run. It does not mean that these apps don’t require Internet. Several or we can say that almost all the mobile apps need Internet to run but they are executed their functions by using your mobile memory. Examples of some mobile app are Amazon, Jabong, FirstCry, and many more. Additionally, one main thing about mobile app is that mobile app refers to a particular mobile number by using which it is installed.

Difference between Mobile Web and Mobile App

If we read the above sections properly then we realize that there are very big difference between mobile web and mobile apps. Mobile web refers to the process of using Internet on their mobile with the help of mobile web browser. On the other hand, mobile app is a computer generated program especially design for using on mobile. In mobile web, one can open several pages at a single point of time whereas in mobile app, one can use a single application at a time. Mobile web and mobile app are two different aspects but they have one thing common in both that is Internet. One of the main difference between them is that mobile web bears the heavy traffic. When one can login to any website by using mobile web then a heavy traffic is transferred to the mobile web on your mobile. This traffic is proving fruitful if we use it in our benefit or marketing purposes. On the other hand, this traffic is harmful because it may be possible that it hang your mobile phone and block some of it applications. Similarly, if we talking about mobile apps then we can that there is no traffic as the mobile app is installed in a mobile at specific number. No one else can you this app so that there is no traffic. Mobile app runs faster on mobile as compare to the run it with help of mobile web.

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